How to enjoy eating out

If you are starting to lose weight and eating healthy it’s a normal routine for you, how about eating out ? how do you feel about it ? Do you feel guilty ?

Here, are few tips to grab lunch on the Go, enjoy a Friday night take away, or celebrate a special occasion at the restaurant. It’s great to eat a meal that you haven’t cooked yourself, and being Pre diabetic is not a barrier to that !

the key is to think ahead, and be aware of your choices and portions sizes while still enjoying your meal.

It’s ok to have the occasional treat, but it’s important to not to do it regularly especially if you want to manage your weight. I remembered, i waited 6 months before jumping on a cheeky Burger!


  • The meal deal : Choose healthier option like fruit and water instead of crips and fizzy drink
  • Watch out on the “Triple decker” sandwiches, they have too many calories
  • Choose Fillings and pre-packed healthy salads, with lean protein, veggies and pulses and seeds
  • GO for sandwiches with Wholegrain seeded bread with chicken or turkey, or fish with low fat mayo or yogurt dressing
  • Remember to check the label colour code and try to get less than 6 g of sugar per 100 g


  • Veggies sticks with hummus
  • crudite
  • plain yogurt, don’t use low fat, they are usually full of sugar
  • Handful of unsalted nuts
  • 80% or more Dark chocolate

Avoid fruit juice and smoothies, they are high in calories, and too much sugar.

Take Away:

  • Fish and Chips: Ask for grilled fish without the batter or order a small portion, order with thick-cut-chips, they absorb less fat
  • Burger and Chips: Ask for lean or veggie option without any sauce, or ask Bun -less, and ask for more salad
  • Pizza: Choose portion size and topping carefully, pick thin base pizza, choose extra veg, and choose side of salad.

At the restaurant:

  • Choose A la Carte menu to Set menu, so you can pick and mix your courses.
  • Order first, so you are not tempted, or be influenced by what everyone else is having
  • Try to choose 2 starters, or 1 main
  • With salad dressing, ask for lemon and olive oil
  • For dessert go for cheese board
  • If you fancy pudding, share it and use a teaspoon…you will get less and work twice as hard to enjoy it!

If you stick to this, i promise you that eating out with friends is still enjoyable !

Good luck xx


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