How to beat the big D and stay motivated during winter !

Remember this website is about Diabetes !! Winter is still here but Xmas and NY is finally done, the Binge fest is over, so how to stay motivated during winter and keep on going …

When it’s 0 degree outside, you just want to stay in your cosy PJ and big socks, have a massive hot chocolate and watch Greys Anatomy … Yeahhhh

Well it’s time to get on track and Goodbye Mince Pie !!! So let’s go fatties and let’s workout (I’m only joking !!!)

So how to get motivated ?

First thing, i put away all the chocolate and cakes that i got for Xmas, put in a bag and give it away to your neighbour, don’t chuck it, we don’t like Waste ! Present it in a hamper,  they will love it and you wont feel guilty. Yes, winner winner chicken dinner !

To get started you need new clothes, Yeaaaaah, New Year, new You, new Gym gears, to feel good and sexy.

I bought my clothes at Primark and H&M, and for sport bras Mark and Spencer, they are around £20, and super comfy.

Get your App Giiiiirl ! yes, i get all the Apps i need, they are free and help you to keep track, i ran 3 times a week now, i downloaded the App called Couch to 5 K, it’s 3 run per week with a coach who guides you during the run, it’s 5 minutes walk and 60 sec run and 90 sec walk in between and repeat 6 times for the first week, and 90 sec run and 2 minutes walk and repeat 6 times for the second week…. got it ! After the 9th week you can do easily a 30 minutes run non-stop !

When you are done, trust me you will feel very sweaty and out of puff but you feel Damn Good ! It’s really addictive, i love it ! So get it it’s FREE !

If you are like me and lost weight ( 20 kgs or 3 stones) you must feel flabby ! I need to tone my arms and legs and get ride of my belly …. pretty much my whole body hahaha.

So i was looking at some weight exercise that i can do i home, and my friend Kim, recommended me the Shona Vertue Methode, She’s a  Yoga teacher, ex gymnast, she’s Australian … you can’t go wrong, the book is about being leaner, stronger and eat healthier.

I bought the book, a kettle bell of 6kgs and a resistance band, all you need ! BOOM !!! and under £10 in amazon Yeahhhhh

First thing you need to do is read the book, understand where she’s coming from and Let’s Go !!!!

In the book you need to do your exercises everyday, but if you have a busy day do it like me only 3 times a week, i usually do it after my run, it’s very easy to follow and you can see results very quickly. but if you don’t feel it and you are in pain from the day before, just go for a walk, get your pedometer on and Go ! Remember you daily target is 10000 step a day, walking is easy and enjoyable, you will feel so good about it, you just want to walk more and more and more.

So that’s it ! Diabetes is only a word and with good healthy food and exercise  you can BEAT it,

Feel free to send me some feedback, and tell me how you cope !

Good luck xx


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