My daily routine

You might be a bit sceptical when i say “i don’t touch any form of sugar, who doesn’t like a nice brownie sometimes, well, here is an example of one of  my day.

I woke up at about 6.30 am, and the first thing i do its to drink a big glass of water, then i wake up Thibbs at 7am, he’s having his half banana and his milky milky bottle, I’m having Rye bread toasted with creme cheese and hazelnut nut butter of peanut its depend of my morning mood, and i drink my Turmeric latte mix with coconut milk.

and we are off to the nursery at 7.45am, i know its sound very strict and super organised but i love to organise my day …

You will never believed it but at 8 am, I’m in the cemetary for a run …. YES me ! running ! it’s a…

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